Our Services

We offer general practice services to people of all ages, including children. We stay on the leading edge of the latest techniques to maintain, restore or improve your smile at every stage in life. In addition to routine cleanings, cavity repair and extractions, we excel at restorative and cosmetic work such as implants, bonding and porcelain laminates. We also offer Emergency services, as well as cancer screening, TMJ treatment, mouth guards, snore guards and other specialty services. Our treatment options and recommended products provide you with a healthy, radiant smile.

The following are examples of many of our services:

Fluoride treatment for both adults and children Bite Splint Therapy For TMJ
Periodontal Deep Cleanings
(scaling and root planing)
Intra & Extra Oral Radiographs & Cancer Screening
Cosmetic restorative treatment Mouth guards for sports
Tooth colored fillings, “bonding”
and porcelain laminates
Anterior Bonding of defects and spaces Sleep Apnea, Snore Guards
Bleaching Dentures Partial dentures Sealants space maintainers
All Porcelain Bridges Extractions
Root Canals using latest rotary techniques Metal reinforced Crowns and Bridges