Can I Get Botox® Treatments at the Dentist?

Can I Get Botox® Treatments at the Dentist?

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Our dentists at Grandville Dental Health Center have received advanced training in Botox® dental procedures. We’re excited to offer new treatments to our patients this spring. But what is Botox? How can it be used in dental care?

What Is Botox?

Botox Cosmetic is an injection based on botulinum toxin, a bacteria that has paralyzing effects. It blocks nerve signals from the muscle in question, preventing it from contracting and creating wrinkles. The procedure is typically painless and usually lasts no more than 10 minutes.

In 2018, Botox topped the list of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States. There were nearly 7.5 million procedures involving botulinum toxin in that year alone.

And yet, as common as Botox is, it unfortunately still carries a stigma. As a cosmetic treatment, its primary goal is to improve a person’s appearance, not to treat a serious medical condition. When you hear the word “Botox,” you may picture celebrities suffering from botched procedures or faces that seem unnaturally young.

But a lot has changed since the injection’s 2002 FDA approval as a cosmetic treatment. Today, it isn’t just used to decrease frown lines; it also has many uses in dentistry, not all of which are purely cosmetic.

Which Dental Procedures Involve Botox?

As you might expect, Botox has proven to be a great addition to the world of cosmetic dentistry. This area of dentistry helps patients feel more confident in their smile.

For example, some patients feel self-conscious about having a high lip line, also known as a gummy smile. Botox can help relax your muscles to create a lower lip line and a more traditional smile.

But there are other uses for Botox in dentistry beyond cosmetics. For example, it can provide much-needed pain relief for patients who suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, also known as TMD. (Your temporomandibular joint acts as a hinge, connecting your jaw bone to your skull.)

Our dentists can administer Botox to those who suffer from TMD. By relaxing the muscles around the jaw, our patients can experience less pain or even no pain at all, especially when chewing. Our dentists can also recommend other aids in conjunction with the treatment, such as using a night guard.

That’s just one example of a non-cosmetic use for Botox in dentistry. It can also be used to help patients have better-fitting dentures, mitigate the effects of bruxism (grinding your teeth), or relieve other kinds of facial pain. Whether you’re interested in a cosmetic procedure or not, our dentists know how Botox may be able to help with your dental needs.

Can I Get Non-Dental Botox Procedures at My Dentist?

Beyond dental procedures, you may be interested in receiving Botox for other reasons. Our dentists are qualified to administer facial Botox even if the treatments aren’t specifically concerned with dental care. Although our office doesn’t specialize in Botox for reducing wrinkles and frown lines, we can still help with a few other non-dental situations.

For example, our dentists have helped patients who suffer from migraines and headaches. A Botox injection into your jaw muscles can reduce how hard and how often you clench your teeth. We’ve even used Botox to help patients who suffer from excessive salivation. An injection into a patient’s salivary glands can help combat uncontrollable drooling.

If you’re looking for treatment, you’ll want to find a healthcare professional with a deep understanding of facial muscles and a history of safe facial injections. Dentists have the unique background of administering other injections to the face, such as anesthetic, as part of their regular duties.

However, your dentist will need to go through advanced training to perform this new service. Our dentists have completed this training and are already scheduling treatments for our patients.

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