Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding Dentist Grandville MI

We may be able to improve the appearance of front teeth in one appointment! Ask our dentists in Grandville, MI, if you’re a candidate for teeth bonding. Cosmetic bonding can help repair teeth with small chips, cracks, and other imperfections.

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your front teeth, you owe it to yourself to call our dental office. Please contact us today with any additional questions or concerns you have regarding your teeth. Cosmetic bonding may be the perfect choice for you!

What to Expect from Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding only takes one appointment. This means that you’ll be able to walk out of our dental office with your new smile. First, our dentists will use a shade guide to match the exact color of your natural tooth enamel. They’ll then etch the surface of your tooth and apply a conditioning liquid. This helps the putty used for cosmetic bonding stick to your tooth.

Unlike other types of cosmetic dentistry, we won’t have to remove the natural tooth structure. Instead, we apply and mold the putty to the surface of your tooth. We’ll then use a special light to harden the putty. Many of our patients appreciate that dental bonding is fast and noninvasive.

Aftercare Instructions

Take care of bonded teeth as you do for the rest of your smile. This means brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once daily. Teeth bonding tends to last longer when the rest of the mouth is healthy. If we still see tartar buildup during your next visit with us, we may recommend using a fluoride mouth rinse.

Continue seeing our dentists every 6 months for your preventive care. During your appointments, our cosmetic dentists will check the condition of dental bonding. That way, you can maintain the look of your smile for years to come.

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Our cosmetic dentists in Grandville, MI, are accepting new patients and would be more than happy to help you plan your next smile makeover! To request an appointment with the Grandville Dental Health Center, call (616) 531-0360.

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