Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Grandville MI

Even if you don’t have dental anxiety, we may recommend sedation dentistry to help you relax. For example, our dentists may use laughing gas with local anesthesia to help you get through a root canal.

Here’s what you need to know about our sedation options.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide (also called laughing gas) is a form of mild sedation that’s safe for patients of all ages. First, we place a mask over your nose that supplies nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen. You’ll notice the laughing gas takes effect within a few seconds. Some patients may feel a sense of giddiness, yet each patient is different. Any side effects disappear as soon as we remove the nasal mask.

Laughing gas is one of the only types of sedation dentistry that’s quick to work and wear off. This means that you’ll be able to drive yourself home after the procedure. You may also return to work or school with no ill side effects.

Pill Sedation

You’ll need someone to drive you to and from your appointment if we use pill sedation. Before your appointment, one of our dentists will give you a prescription. You’ll need to follow our dentist’s instructions to ensure everything goes as planned. For example, we may ask you to not eat or drink a few hours before your procedure.

During the procedure, you may fall asleep. Yet, you won’t fall into a deep sleep. Our dentists will still be able to wake you up during the procedure so you can follow instructions. For example, we may ask you to tilt your head a certain way so we can better access a back tooth.

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